Greetings from HIS Canada

Aurora night

Since HIS Canada established its Vancouver branch in 1995, we have been helping people with their travels. We are also conducting an import/export business as a new business in order to mutually distribute specialty products between Japan and Canada, and to help people learn about their cultural background through the products and feel closer to them.

YukonWines and Solstice Ciderworks were founded in early summer 2020. Their products are made from rich haskap berries grown in the light of the aurora borealis, and are filled with confidence in their quality and generous passion. In addition to Haskap wine, we have also started producing Haskap cider and freeze-dried Haskap.

This land, which once flourished during the gold rush and is rich in vast, unspoiled nature, is now a popular tourist destination for viewing the Northern Lights, but the economy was hit hard by the 2020 pandemic.

We at HIS Canada support them as they continue to take on challenges even in the face of adversity.

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