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2023_06_22 Winning the Canadian Tournament!

Haskap wine dry won the best title of double gold in the fruit wine category of the Canadian wine competition. Details can be viewed from this external site .

2023_09_07 Haskap wine sales site opened! !

This time, Yukon Wines, the only winery where you can see the aurora, has created a sales site for Haskap wine! You can always buy wine made with Haskap, which you can't taste in Japan!



EPP4624 - Auroraberry

Trajectory of YUKON WINES

Double Gold Award

Founded in 2014 and started full-scale in 2019. Yukon Wines cultivates Haskap on a vast land, but there is only one winery in Whitehorse. It is a small winery where each label is hand-labeled and corked, but the taste of the wine is the best. Unlike the Haskap of Hokkaido, we are particular about four varieties of Haskap that have been bred to bring out the sweetness. As a result, the 2023 All Canadian Wine Championship won the highest award called W Gold.

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  • Male in his 50s

    The wine is made from 100% Haskap grapes , so it's so red that you could mistake it for red wine! When you think of haskap, you think of it as being sour, but it had a slight sweetness to it.

  • Female in her 40s

    I always feel guilty when I drink alcohol, but since the wine is made from haskap, it has antioxidant and anti-aging effects, so I was able to drink it without hesitation!

  • Male in his 40s

    Haskap wine has a unique flavor and aroma that is different from grape wine, and once you get used to drinking it, you will become addicted to it . I wanted to buy more.




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地域・本数 | 4本まで | 12本まで
北海道 | ¥2,419 | ¥2,661
東北 沖縄 | ¥1,979 | ¥2,221
関東信越 | ¥1,759 | ¥2,001
東海北陸 | ¥1,539 | ¥1,781
近畿 | ¥1,429 | ¥1,671
中国四国 | ¥1,319 | ¥1,561
九州 | ¥1,429 | ¥1,671


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