Collection: Haskap wine

100% Canadian Aurora Berry Haskap fruit wine

Dry Haskap Wine 2020

It has no sweetness and has a sour taste.
It also has a floral scent like wild roses and violets.

It has little tannin, so it is light and easy to drink. I think it is a wine that goes well with food.

Acidity ★★★★☆

Recommended pairings: beef, pork, and other meat dishes

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Semi-Sweet Haskap Wine 2020

It has a strong sweetness, but also a good balance of acidity.

This one is also lighter to drink than it looks.

It's smoother than the dry version.


- Recommended pairings: It has a sweet taste, so it goes well with Chinese food and spicy ethnic food.

It would also go well with spicy salami such as chorizo.

I think it's also fun to drink wine on its own.

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Off-Dry Haskap Frizzante 2020

A gorgeous sparkling wine with the mild acidity and sweetness of apples.

Although the color looks dark, it has a clean mouthfeel and is easy to drink.


Recommended pairing: soft cheese, shrimp fritters

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Introducing BC Wine Ambassadors

It's quite difficult to describe the taste of haskap wine, but an expert has put it into words for us. Thank you!

**Eri Nakazawa Profile**
Vancouver, Canada resident, Wine Service Specialist, BC Wine Ambassador

Impressed by BC Wine, a local wine from British Columbia, Canada, he decided to change careers into the wine world despite having no prior experience.
After working as an assistant manager at a local wine shop, she now works at a wine cellar that handles high-end wines from around the world, while also working as an ambassador for BC wines and running a wine club in Vancouver under the name "Eri's Wine Club," a community of wine fans who enjoy wine. She loves wines and food from around the world, and food cultures from all over the world!