About Haskap Berry

Haskap berry, the “fruit of eternal life” superfood!


Haskap is truly a gift of nature and can be called a representative superfood. This little jewel grows in colder climates, giving it a depth of flavor not found in other berries. Although they look similar to blueberries, they have a unique taste, with a slight sourness and sweetness.

Haskap is attracting attention as a superfood packed with the power of nature. These berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which have a positive effect on the body. Antioxidants protect cells in the body, and vitamin C supports immunity.

Nutrition factors

Haskap contains rich nutrients. Compared to other fruits, it has a high content of various nutrients such as vitamins and anthocyanins, and plays a role in preventing lifestyle-related diseases. Also, because it contains plenty of vitamins, it is effective against wrinkles and age spots, and has anti-aging effects .

Nutrition comparison

The table above is a graph of the nutrients contained in 100g of each fruit, and from the top are ``haskap'', ``pomegranate'', ``blueberry'', ``orange'', ``grape'', and ``apple''. You can see that it contains more vitamins and calcium than other fruits.


Yukon Territory/Whitehorse

Haskap grew up in Whitehorse, located in the aurora belt, bathed in the mysterious light of the aurora borealis.

Whitehorse is located in northern Canada, right under the "Aurora Belt" where the Northern Lights often appear. Since grapes normally used for wine cannot be grown in Whitehorse, haskap is used as an ingredient in wine and has continued to be loved by locals.

Whitehorse, where haskap is cultivated, is known as the "midnight sun," where the sun continues to rise throughout the day, allowing the area to receive a lot of nutrients from the sun.
At night, the aurora appears in the night sky, and the trees grow bathed in the mysterious light of the aurora.

Bottling Wines

Haskap varieties used for wine

The wines Yukon Wines makes use four types of haskap berries.
Their names are ``Aurora,'' ``Treat,'' ``Gem,'' and ``Jewel.'' Some have the richness of blueberries and the sourness of raspberries, others have a pleasant fragrance that penetrates your nose, and others bring out the unique sweetness of haskap. , each of which has been carefully improved. Please try our wine made with 100% haskap berries, which we have carefully selected over many years.