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Set of 4 apple cider

Set of 4 apple cider

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“The pure charm of Okanagan apples, the ultimate cider”

This product is recommended for those who are worried about finishing a bottle of wine, or for those who do not like alcohol but want to experience the taste of Haskap wine .

Haskap, which is born from the extremely cold earth, has a unique sourness and deep flavor, and has a hidden strength that comes from the harsh conditions of the northern country. Fresh, hand-picked haskaps are carefully selected and painstakingly finished by Yukon Wine's expert hands.

From such Yukon wine, ``Apple Cider'' was born, which has the delicious taste and flavor of the fruit itself. The refreshing taste and the natural flavor of Okanagan apple are in harmony with the pleasant taste, and you can feel the blessings of nature from the moment you put it in your mouth.

Ingredients: Okanagan apple

Alcohol content: 7 %

Capacity: 355ml

The design was created by a student from Whitehorse. Please enjoy the different designs for each flavor and the pure charm of Okanagan apples.

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