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Set of 4 Hascup Cider

Set of 4 Hascup Cider

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This product is recommended for those who are worried about finishing a bottle of wine, or those who are not strong drinkers but want to experience the taste of Haskap wine .

Haskap, which is born from the extremely cold earth, has a unique sourness and deep flavor, and has a hidden strength that comes from the harsh conditions of the northern country. Fresh, hand-picked haskaps are carefully selected and painstakingly finished by Yukon Wine's expert hands.

From such Yukon wine, ``Haskap Cider'' was born, an exquisite combination of Okanagan apple and four types of haskap berries . The sweet and sour taste of the haskap and the rich fruit of the Okanagan apple harmonize in your mouth, giving you the sensation of enjoying the bounty of nature.

The slightly sweet and smooth taste is perfect for relaxing moments.

Ingredients: Haskap & Okanagan Apple

Alcohol content: 7 %

Capacity: 355ml

The design was created by a student from Whitehorse. Different designs for each flavor
Enjoy the fresh taste of haskap and Okanagan apple .

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