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Haskap Dry 2020

Haskap Dry 2020

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The finest gift from Whitehorse, Canada's paradise.

This special 100% Haskap wine is packed with the blessings of nature, grown under the frigid winter and eternal summer sun.

Haskap, which is born from the extremely cold earth, has a unique sourness and deep flavor, and has a hidden strength that comes from the harsh conditions of the northern country. Fresh, hand-picked haskaps are carefully selected and painstakingly finished by Yukon Wine's expert hands.

 The standard Yukon wine is ``Haskap Dry 2020,'' a product with a good balance of natural, soft astringency and mellow fruit sweetness . This product is Canada's No. 1 wine that won the highest award at a wine competition held in Canada in 2023.

Haskap, which is used in wine, is rich in vitamin A and anthocyanins, and can also have anti-aging effects . When you roll it in your mouth, not only the flavor of the haskap but also the fruity aroma spreads out.

Ingredients: Haskap

Alcohol content: 13 %

Capacity: 750ml

 Enjoy the luxury of 100% Canadian Haskap wine , which combines the mysterious flavor of Haskap and the beauty of the northern country , unlike Japanese Haskap wine that only contains 20 % .

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