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Off-Dry Haskap Frizzante 2020 (Off-Dry Haskap Frizzante 2020)

Off-Dry Haskap Frizzante 2020 (Off-Dry Haskap Frizzante 2020)

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``The harmony of nature, sparkling wine of Okanagan apples and haskap''

This wine is recommended as a gift for your loved ones.

Haskap, which is born from the extremely cold earth, has a unique sourness and deep flavor, and has a hidden strength that comes from the harsh conditions of the northern country. Fresh, hand-picked haskaps are carefully selected and painstakingly finished by Yukon Wine's expert hands.

From such Yukon wine, the luxurious sparkling wine "Off Dry Haskap Frizzante 2020" is born , which is the fruit of Canada's nature and the art of winemakers .

“Haskap Frizzante” uses fresh and delicious apples and haskaps. Okanagan Valley apples and Whitehorse haskap are natural ingredients from Canada. Carefully blended by the winemaker's skilled hands, the result is a bright gold color and a gorgeous fruit aroma.

Ingredients: Haskap & Okanagan Apple

Alcohol content: 13 %

Capacity: 750ml

 Enjoy the refreshing aroma of apple and haskap, the refreshing fruit flavor, and elegant bubbles as soon as you pour it into your champagne glass .

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